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Your journey back in time
– How to start

Send us the records of your ancestors who originated in Baden-Wuerttemberg, and we will make you an offer for a tailor-made one- or several-day journey.*

We will make suggestions and recommendations for customized tours to your ancestors’ birth-place, showing you their professions and way of life. We will take you to indoor and open-air museums, churches, archives etc., as well as sight-seeing or hiking trips. Day trips: single days and items on the itinerary can be combined in modular form, according to your wishes.

We know the area extremely well and will accompany you on your own private journey back in time.

If you only have details of your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents and have neither time nor opportunity to investigate further, just ask us – we are at your service and will assist you with your » personal genealogical research.

* NB:
For reasons of data protection, we can only offer journeys concerning ancestors who emigrated from the modern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg before 1900, or who were born before 1900 (so called “Personenstandsgesetz”). From 1900 till today cannot be covered.


We are not able to check your records. The data you send us is the basis for our travel offer, but we do not check accuracy or plausibility.

„Genealogy Tours“ uses your records exclusively to offer you a journey. The records and data you send to us are used only for the purpose of this offer and are not passed on to third party.