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Archive tours

During these Archive tours you will receive an introduction into the archive, how to use it and the possibility of genealogical research.

Now available in English language:
» Genealogical research in Germany
» Main Church Archive of Protestant Church in Wuerttemberg (guided tour)
Further information please find here: www.uso.org/stuttgart

These Archive tours are group-events (8 to 14 people) on fixed dates with a pre-defined agenda. If you would prefer an individual guided English tour, the same conditions apply as genealogical research.

We offer tours to the following four Main Church Archives and six State Archives in Baden-Wuerttemberg (for schedules and more details please have a look on our German language website):

» Diocesan Archive Rottenburg
» Archiepiscopal Archive Freiburg
» Archive of Protestant church Baden in Karlsruhe
» Archive of Protestant church Wuerttemberg in Stuttgart
» State Archive Wertheim – Community of Main-Tauber Archives
» State Archive Karlsruhe
» State Archive Stuttgart
» State Archive Freiburg
» State Archive Ludwigsburg
» State Archive Sigmaringen
Archive locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg;
© Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart