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Genealogical research

If you only have details of your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents and have neither time nor opportunity to investigate further, just ask us – we are at your service to assist you with your personal genealogical research.*

Our offer:
For genealogical research in German language areas, we charge an hourly rate plus additional costs depending on necessity (archive fee, travel expenses etc.).
You decide which budget you’d like to spend.
I can do genealogical research step by step. With this it is guaranteed that invoice stay on a moderate level.

Together with you, we decide on the depth and direction of further investigation. You receive the results of the genealogical research in a clear and concise report.
Together with report you receive my invoice (can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal).

Would you like further information? Just send an email or use our » contact form.

* NB:
For reasons of data protection, we are only allowed to offer genealogical research concerning data and information about ancestors before 1900 (so called “Personenstandsgesetz”). Data from 1900 till today cannot be covered.

Important:         The data you send us is the basis for our research offer, but we can and do not check accuracy or plausibility of this data.

„Genealogy Tours“ uses your records exclusively to make you an offer. The records and data you send to us are used only for the purpose of this offer and are not passed on to third party.